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Small Business Owner
Tax Preparation Checklist

This tax preparation checklist is designed to help small business owners get their tax season paperwork gathered up and organized.

It is intended to help you identify documentation needed to insure you are able to take advantage of each and every tax break you can qualify for in order to help you lower your tax bill.

The IRS offers an abundance of Small Business and Self-Employed tax preparation documentation for taxpayers which can help lower the amount of taxes you are legally required to pay.

By taking advantage of income and tax deductions, you can keep more of that hard earned cash.

Operating a small business successfully requires organized accounting practices that allow you to keep your paperwork in order so that you can take advantage of tax deductions wherever possible.

Tax Preparation Documents and Forms

Small Business Record-Keeping Checklist

Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist for small businesses that include assets values up to $10 million or less.

Small Business Income

Small Business General Documentation

Employment Taxes

Deductions for Small Businesses

Home office expenses

Employee and Contract Labor